Post Sales Support

The problem with a lot of cutting edge environmental equipment is that it is are very complex, making it impractical for companies to provide total support. All too often, these companies need to rely on outside service providers to handle system maintenance, and emergency support.

Compounding this problem, most Support companies provide restrict choices and fall short of there customers needs because of their own limited in-house capabilities. This reduces your control and drives up your cost, and effectively relinquishes control of critical support to an ill equipped vendor.

What you need is a Total Equipment Support solution that keeps ownership where it belongs, with you, and allows the selection of services that match your particular business requirements.

The HF Pure Water Services Advantage: Our Support, Your Way

The HF Services program is structured to provide your support, your way. With a minor investment in training and spares, our baseline package gives you complete control of your need. Plus, you can select from a comprehensive menu of service module options to design a service program that complements your in-house capabilities and meets your specific business needs. You pay only for the services you require—you're in control of your support, and you save money.

Take responsibility for your support

The HF baseline package lets you take full charge of your system. It includes:
  • Auto-Support. An event-logging agent inside your HF Equipment lets you continuously monitor the health of the system. It keeps a watchful eye on preset conditions and automatically calls for corrective action if an error is detected.

  • Next-Business-Day Hardware Delivery. We provide advance exchange of replacement hardware within one day to keep your spares kit current.

  • Non Emergency Telephone Support. If you prefer to talk on the phone to a Support Center engineer for non emergency requests, you may prefer the non-emergency phone support package.
Proactive System Administration Is Available

Some companies prefer greater levels of engagement from their service providers, and HF provides choice here as well. Proactive service options provide a closer level of engagement and ensure optimal system performance.
  • Global Support Plus Equipment Monitoring Package. remotely monitor your systems for trends or issues beyond the base Support level. With Global Support Plus, we provide you with direct access to engineers.

  • System Availability Support Plus. We perform regular site inspections and system operation reviews. With System Availability Support Plus, you also receive on-site, 48 hour emergency response from a HF professional Support Services Technician.
Designed to Meet Your Needs

HF offers a flexible service program to help you maximize equipment up-time and maintain a low cost of ownership. HF Services gives you a choice: support your data availability needs with complete self-sufficiency, or enlist the assistance of our support teams, professional services teams, and partners. Whatever you choose, our programs will improve Up-time, low your operating costs. "Your Support, your way—with the HF Services program".