Ground Support Systems

Houston Fearless has over 40 years of experience providing logistics, operations, and field support for the U.S. Department of Defense programs around the world. Our Ground Support systems have a strong reputation for reliability.


All generator sets are based on Caterpillar power plant and alternator assemblies. All generator sets are equipped with:
  • Cooling systems for best performance and longevity in any operating location.
  • Woodard electronic governor units and load share modules.
  • Integrated day tanks and fuel switching valves for use with 450 gallon fuel tanks.
  • Heavy duty undercarriages equipped with pintle eye style tow bar, steering front wheels, and parking brakes.

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Power Distribution Units

Units support a wide spectrum of power scenarios ranging from the generator only “bare base” location to full utilization of local commercial power sources


The Step-up and step-down transformers for the equipment can be located up to 1200 feet away, drawing up to 37.5 kW.

Motor Generators

Deployed locations usually have commercial power at 50 Hz, and the power available is not nearly the quality seen in the US. A method of frequency conversion is needed to fully utilize existing commercial power. Our motor generators solve these two issues with one simple solution; reliable 50 to 60 Hz conversion as well as a level of power conditioning.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

For missions that require a high level of power reliability, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technologies add extra security to the power system.

Load Bank

All power generation equipment has an optimum range of operation. A load bank allows the user to place additional load on the system to keep generating sets under ideal load conditions.

Fuel Tanks

For long term operations, a larger source of fuel is essential to support 24 hour operations. This 425 gallon, trailer mounted, fuel tank is fully compatible with any power systems.

Enviromental Control Units (ECU)

The Low profile Environmental control unit is compact and mobile, which allows for easy positioning when space is at a premium.

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