HF North

HF Group North (HF North), has been providing superior support to the airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) community since 1970's. Initially, HF North primarily supported the Strategic Air Command Mobile Processing Center by providing data gathered by the SR-71. Beginning in the 1980's, HF Group began supporting the U-2. This era was highlighted by the creation of the Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System (CARS), which HF North created in order to support the emerging U-2, intelligence gathering, expoitation, and dissemination system.

With the increaseing support of the U-2, Project Liberty, and emerging unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), such as the MQ-1 Predator and the RQ-4 Global Hawk, HF North has continued to expand its extensive line of products and services to accommodate support of these sytems. In its celebrated 30 year relationship with the Air Force of providing unequivocal service, HF North has become a trusted and respected partner to the Department of Defense community. HF North has been instrumental to mission success in the past and will continue to play this role in the future.

HF North
5801 C St. Bldg. 2145 Beale AFB, CA 95903

Phone: 530-788-0288
DSN: 634-3355
Fax: 530-788-0902